Training Program 2018 for participants from Guatemala and Honduras

As part of the Project for the Development of Human Resources and Support of Self-Organization in the Tikal National Park Tourist Corridor, 5 visitors from Guatemala and 1 from Honduras will receive workshops in Kanazawa University and the Noto Area from November 5 to 16, 2018. They were selected because of their role in key institutions in Peten and their position as community leaders. They are:

Mr. Dimas Gildarlo Perez Rivera representing Tikal Archaeological Park; Mr. Rudy Romeo Cacao Pop from Flores City Hall; Ms. Kathleen Therese Aquart Orellana from the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism (INGUAT); Mr. Jorge Saul Rodriguez Bonilla from El Caoba community; Mr. Edgar Rene Castillo Solis from El Remate community; and Mr. Carlos Antonio Carbajal Mendez from Copan, Honduras.

In the morning of November 6, 2018, the Opening Ceremony was held at Kanazawa University. Prof. Yoichi Nishimoto, Director of the Center for Cultural Resource Studies; Mr. Tomoki Nitta, Director of JICA Hokuriku Center; and Prof. Seiichi Nakamura from the Center for Cultural Resource Studies, were present at the ceremony and gave welcoming speeches to the participants. Afterwards, Ms. Kathleen Aquart also addressed the attendees in the name of the Guatemalan and Honduras participants.

"Photo Session after the Opening Ceremony"

Following the ceremony, the participants toured around the facility of Kanazawa University. During the afternoon, Prof. Seiichi Nakamura carried out an introductory class about the Cultural Resources available in Kanazawa City.

Part of the objective of this program is to create spaces for discussion for stakeholders surrounding Tikal Archaeological Park. Therefore, during the morning of November 7, 2018, the participants gave introductory presentations in the Center for Regional Collaboration of Kanazawa University, with regard to the present situation of the institutions or communities they represent, doing emphasis on the challenges they face in the present.

"Mr. Dimas presenting about Tikal Archaeological Park"

In the afternoon Mr. Ohara from Kanazawa City Hall gave a class concerning Kanazawa City’s history, economy, tourism and politics among other themes. Afterwards Mr. Kawasaki from the Kanazawa Forest Owner’s Cooperative Association, gave a lecture concerning the situation of forests not only in Kanazawa City but also in Japan.

"Mr. Ohara giving a lecture about Kanazawa City"